FAQ - Corporate Travelers: Disruption Related Costs & Issues

FlightGlobal recently surveyed industry leaders from airlines, TMCs, and corporate travel management programs, regarding the topic of disruption, in order to explore the current industry assessment of disruption and the passenger experience. Get more info!

Disruption Research Survey: Fieldwork started on August 3, and closed on September 14, 2018, garnering 200 respondents.


What is disruption?


How many flights are delayed?


That’s 9.7% of all flights globally

What is the cost of disruption?


Corporate buyers expect their travellers to go to the TMC for re-accommodation, but are they?

What are the risks or issues, if any, that arise if the corporate traveller gets re-accommodated by the airline instead of the TMC?


How effective is your TMC in managing traveller experience during disruption?

Most Corporate buyers are happy with service offered by their TMC, but clear room for improvement


During time of disruption, what are the largest problems your organization faces in supporting travellers? 

Airlines and TMCs AGREE communication is one of the largest problems faced in terms of supporting travellers during times of disruption



Is your company is actively investing in the service we offer during times of disruption?

Good news, both Airlines and TMCs envision more tech and are actively investing in disruption management services

Better support doesn't have to mean higher support costs.


Everybody wins from better management of flight disruptions


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