Product Manager Charles Brossman, CCTE, joins BTE webinar - Best Laid Plans

Are you proactive or reactive when disruption strikes? An industry panel discussion explored current advances in this space and how they can build a stronger traveler experience. We've recapped a few key points, or you can watch the one-hour webinar on the BTE site


Three take-aways from this webinar: 

  1. Context matters.
    Getting the right information to the right traveler at the right time requires having information about them and their situation to provide a positive experience. 
 "Who's watching, who can help, and what do they need." 
  1. Reducing friction can reduce cost. 
    When travelers miss a connection or have the entire trip cancelled, corporations and their TMCs start dealing with unexpected costs in productivity and re-accommodation. 
  2. Proactive tools enable TMCs to build trust. 
    When agencies are immediately aware of serious disruptions, they have more options to provide service and support to their impacted travelers. 
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