Trip Assist - Issues UI Update

Product Name/Category:  Trips – Trip Assist
Category: Enhancement
Enhancement Name: Expiring Issues Updates
Customers who qualify:  TMC’s or Airlines using Trip Assist
Configurable: (on/off) Yes – via FlightGlobal admin user panel only
Additional cost:  No (for TripAssist clients)

 What changes will I see? 

When issues are posted to a trip in Trip Assist, they are often stacked with updates to the situation, such as a rolling delay, or a series of delays and then a cancellation.  Multiple use cases apply.  Previously users of Trip Assist would have to look through each folder issue to see if there is anything that they should address or may have missed.  This new enhancement expires old issues related to a trip, when relevant newer ones have been posted.

 How can I use this? 

 Trip Assist Clients must ask their account managers in writing to turn on the configuration in Trip Assist, to enable the expiration of outdated issues related to a trip.  The request must then go to the Trips Program Management team for implementation.


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