Why are you telling corporations to ask me (TMCs) for access to published exception waivers?

Our data shows that by using our waivers product, you, your clients, and the airlines score big wins in the following ways:

1. Companies save money on change and/or refund penalties and fees.

a. You look good to your clients by providing a new level of customer service.

b. Travel managers look good to their finance department by optimizing operations.

2. Travelers get proactive and personal re-accommodation and faster service.

a. You can look good to your clients by providing differentiated services and maintaining service level agreements.

b. Customer satisfaction increases.

3. Your outbound calls to airlines and internal call center hold times go down.

a. Saves you money.

4. Airlines have fewer inbound calls from travel management companies and travelers.

a. Airlines save money and their hold times go down.

Click here for a case study on FlightGlobal Waivers.

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