Why was my Evaluation Plan application rejected?

If your request for an application has been rejected, this could be due to a number of reasons:

1) You provided duplicate information. Your account is associated with an existing account you have with us.

2) You provided incomplete information in your account details section.

3) You provided inaccurate information in your account details section.

4) Your intended use of the data did not comply with the FlightStats Services Agreement - Terms and Conditions.


To edit your account details, please log in to the FlightStats Developer Center at https://developer.flightstats.com. Then choose Account | Edit Account. You may edit these details about your company: Company Name, Address, City, State or Province, Postal Code, Country, Phone, URL, Product Interest, Intended Use for Data, and Industry.

Please allow two business days for our specialists to review your evaluation account request. 

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