How do I see a flight on the map in FlightStats for Android?

First, check the status of a flight. If the flight is active, you can click on the plane icon to see it on a map.


There are three tracking modes:

- Tracker mode: when it is blue, the plane moves and the map is automatically repositioned.
- Normal mode: when it is not blue, the plane is displayed in a fixed position on a stationary map.
- Zoom mode: when you zoom in, you can see the entire route.


The flight tracker configuration drop down allows you to choose between Satellite and Map views:

- Satellite view: displays a satellite image. You may optionally enable Labels to see roads and political boundaries.
- Map view: displays the flight on a map. You may optionally enable Terrain to see mountains and streams.

Satellite view and map view both include the following options:  

- Actual path: displays a green line showing the path the plane has already traveled.
- Flight plan: displays a wider, darker gray line showing the FAA filed flight plan with the intended route.
- Great arc: displays a lighter, narrower gray line showing the shortest distance between the two airports.
- Time tracker: displays the mini-tracker graphic with the flight on a timeline.
- US weather: displays NEXRAD satellite imagery. This feature is hidden at certain zoom levels.

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