How do I set up flight alerts for a multi-segment flight that crosses to a new date?

Our system is optimized for single flight segments. You must register individual flight alerts for each segment of the multi-segment flight.

First, look up the desired flight legs using the Schedules API:

Comment: If you do not know whether it is multi-segment, then you can search the schedules by route, with the "includeDirects" extended option, then look at the number of stops field. The individual segments would then be discovered by searching with one airport only, without includeDirects (thus non-stops only).

Then create individual flight rules for each flight leg using Flight Alert by Departure and Flight Alert by Arrival:

For multi-segment-flight A->B->C:
- Create a flight rule monitoring A->B by departure date.
- Create a second flight rule monitoring B->C by arrival date (please make sure to set the arrival date correctly if it crosses a date boundary).

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