What is the Historical Flight Status API?

The Historical Flight Status API gives you access to historical flight information, including scheduled, estimated and actual departure/arrival times, equipment type, delay calculations, terminal, gate and baggage carousel.

Queries are supported by flight history id; airline, flight number, and date; departure or arrival airport and date; and by route and date.

Historical Flight Status deals with questions such as:

- Was my flight on time?
- How long was the delay?
- Was it cancelled?
- What was my departure or arrival gate and terminal?
- What type of plane was used on this flight?

Note: The Historical Flight Status API will do fuzzy matching around the midnight hour (example: 11:45 PM flight delayed past midnight may match if you search for the next calendar day flights departing in the wee hours) and will carry over delayed flights that are now estimated to depart in the specified time window.

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Our terms and conditions prohibit the use of FlightStats Services or the FlightStats Data for any passenger rights claims actions, for example actions pursuant to EU Regulation 261/2004.

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