What is the Schedules API?

The Schedules API provides access to the schedule information for upcoming flights. It is designed to work in conjunction with the FlightStats Flex Flight Status API to provide continuity between scheduled flights in the future and real-time flight data in the present. It allows convenient search methods by flight, route and airport.

We use raw schedules published from the airline in advance to inform the creation of FlightHistory records. This data is loaded daily and is normalized to make it easier to match flight schedules to available operational flight data. Minor updates to a flight schedule may be applied directly to a FlightHistory record to improve flight matching.

FlightStats is trying to flexibly match the operational flight data from over 300+ data sources with the published flight schedules. Business rules are applied in a specific way for this use case. These business rules include but are not limited to mapping codeshares, wetleases, etc.

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