Should I use the FIDS API or Flight Status by Airport API?

The Flight Status by Airport API and the FIDS API are similar but differ in use case. Please see below for more information. You may wish to use both or choose one based on your business requirements.



The FIDS API is designed for digital signage in hotel lobbies or arrivals/departures signs in airports. It uses a weighted algorithm and is not designed to retrieve all flights. Rather, it is designed to show a reasonable number of the most relevant flights and has the notion of an arbitrarily specified rolling time window. If you need a precise time window with all matching flights, please use the Flight Status by Airport API.

The default is an eight hour window for class one and two airports. Time of day, number of scheduled flights, current airport delays, and all your other filters will affect the results to produce a reasonable number of flights to display in digital signage. Therefore, your results will vary significantly in many cases. Please note that it will carry over delayed flights that are now estimated to depart in the specified time window.


Flight Status by Airport API:

The Flight Status by Airport API is designed to give you a detailed look at an airport's arrivals and departures. It can optionally return more flights and more available data fields than the FIDS API and you can specify a precise time window of all matching flights.


Scheduled Flights by Airport API:

For future flights, please see the Scheduled Flights by Airport API. It includes flight schedules from today forward for up to a maximum of 13 months:


Note: The Flight Status by Airport API, FIDS API, and Scheduled Flights by Airport API are Premium APIs available on the Contract Plan. For Premium API services, please contact our specialists at:

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