How does a query count toward pricing?

Historical Flight Status API:

We charge by the number of flights returned for the Historical Flight Status by Route API and the Historical Flight Status by Airport API. So if you make one historical airport query that returns 120 flights, we charge you 120 x the per historical flight returned rate. There is a surcharge if you also request the historical event timeline for all the updates we received. 


Alerts API:

A single flight rule may send out dozens of alerts (example: a significantly delayed flight may send out many more flight alerts than a routine flight that departs on time). You are not charged for flight rules that you delete prior to our system sending a flight event to the ruleId on your behalf (example: you will not be charged if you delete it before our system sends you any callbacks). We do not charge you extra if you receive multiple callbacks on the same ruleId.


Trips APIs:

Please contact our specialists for pricing details.


Other APIs:

Airlines (reference) API
Airports (reference) API
Connections API
Delay Index API
Equipment (reference) API
Flight Status API
Flight Track API
Ratings API
Schedules API
Weather API

For all our other APIs, a query is an authenticated FlightStats Flex API request using your account credentials. A single query request is charged the same amount whether the query response contains zero or hundreds of matches. Your monthly bill is based on your authenticated query count. More details on the pricing page:

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