How do I add or delete an App Key?

The Application Key is used to authenticate requests. You may have one or more Application Keys.

To add an App Key, please log in to the FlightStats Developer Center:

At the top of the page, click this:

Under the list of App IDs (yours may be called Default) click:
Under Application Keys, click:
Create new key

Alternately, you may click Delete next to any extra App Keys that you have previously added. If you create a new appKey, please submit a support ticket and we will delete your original appKey on your behalf. You can create/delete secondary, tertiary, etc. appKey(s). Your Application ID(s) cannot be deleted.

Note: Please do not confuse your Application Key(s) with your Application ID. Your Application ID is used as your account number. Adding a second Application ID is generally not supported and we will typically delete those requests for billing reasons.

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