What is a Flight Status Flight ID?

Flight ID is the unique number that our system assigns to a flight. If you know the Flight ID, you can input it and our system will return Flight Status. If you do not know the Flight ID, you can query one of the following Flight Status API to retrieve it:


- Flight Status (flights departing/arriving on date)

- Flight Status by Route

- Flight Status by Airport (departures/arrivals)


For example, a flight status by route query between two major airports will give you many Flight IDs that you can use for testing. We build the Flight ID three days in advance of scheduled departure, therefore it is not available via the Schedules API.

Other Flight ID notes:
- It is unique to FlightStats and won't match any other system.
- There is no algorithm by which you can guess or predict a Flight ID.
- The intent of this feature is to make it easier to repeatedly look up flight status.
- Lastly, it is possible that a future version of the APIs may revise or eliminate the Flight ID.


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