Trip Center Keyboard Shortcuts

Trip Center Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts provide an alternate method of interacting with Trip Center. To see a list of available keyboard shortcuts on any Trip Center screen, simply press the <shift> key, plus the ?.

In most cases, you will need to have an issue selected to use the keyboard shortcuts. Available shortcuts will vary depending on which screen you're on. The currently available shortcuts are listed below.

<shift> + ? Show/hide keyboard help menu and what shortcuts are available on your current Trip Center screen
g Assign the selected issue to a user
s Assist the selected issue (this action will assign the issue to you and remove it from the Open Issue List)
c Add a comment to the selected issue
d Defer the selected issue
i View the issue details of the selected issue
m Send a message to the contacts of a selected issue (this action requires that a Trip Assist profile be attached to the trip).
o Reopen the selected issue (this action will change the status of resolved or assisted issue back to Open and place it back on the Open Issue List)
b Resolve and close the selected issue as “Rebooked”
p Resolve and close the selected issues as “Reprotected”
n Resolve and close the selected issue as “No Changes Made”
x Resolve and close the selected issue as “Expired”

If you have any suggestions for new shortcuts or have any questions, please contact your Trip Center administrator.

You may wish to view this recording of Trip Center Features:

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