How can I get custom messaging activated for a group?

In order to have a group turned on for custom messaging you’ll just need to submit a ticket to our Help Desk requesting the group that you would like this turned on.  You can submit your request by logging into the Help Desk at and creating a ticket or by emailing

The group that you would like to have turned on for custom messaging needs to be already created in your Agent Advantage console.  If no group exists, you’ll need to send through a test PNR and the group will be automatically created. Information required in your ticket to turn on custom messaging for a group(s) includes:

Group Name:

Group Code:

Once FlightStats has turned on custom messaging, the group(s) will appear in the email configuration dropdown menu and will appear in your manage groups results with a "custom" email configuration.

FlightStats will disable Opt-in invitations as well as Traveler messaging for the group(s) when turning on custom messaging for the requested group(s).  This is to prevent ABC Travel messaging from being sent to your customers.  Once you're done with updating your email configuration you may turn on the Opt-in and Travel messaging when you're ready to go live with messaging.

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