Why can’t my traveler login to their Trip Alert profile?

This is often times caused by the traveler using the incorrect login link or entering an invalid username/password.

The Traveler Key for the traveler’s Trip Alert profile is stored in our database in all caps such as EMAIL.ADDRESS@DOMAIN.COM. The login is case sensitive so make sure you enter it in ALL CAPS when logging in.

The URL they’ll need to use to login to their profile is:


If they have used the “I forgot my username/password” link the traveler should use the most recent password they’ve received when logging in.

They should also clear any cookies stored in their browser for FlightStats and start a new browser session before trying to login. This will prevent any information stored from previous sessions causing login errors. 

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    Brad Exline

    This case sensitivity requirement has been removed.  Users can now login to their Trip Alert profile using lower or UPPER case.

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