Why was no messaging sent to this traveler?

There’s several reason that a traveler would not receive messaging.  Below are the steps you should take to determine why.

The first thing you should do to research this issue is to check if the traveler has Opted-in and created a Trip Alert profile.  You’ll be able to perform this task by using the ‘Trip Alert Profile Search” tool.


If the traveler has a Trip Alert profile created, the next thing that you should check is that the email address was present in the PNR.  To do this you’ll need to do an Itinerary Search and then view the itinerary.  If the email address was present it will be displayed on the ‘View Itinerary’ screen.



Email present, but no Opt-in invitation or Traveler messaging sent?  The ‘Manage Groups’ tool will allow you to see if the group has the Opt-in messaging or Traveler messaging activated.  This is located under the 'Admin’ header in your Agent Advantage console.


Email address is present in the PNR, but doesn’t appear in the Agent Advantage console?  A configuration issue for this travelers email address may cause this.  If your agency provides your itineraries via a GDS parser you can use the GDS Queue Warning report to see if the email address was rejected.


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