Why was this message sent? (Delay, Cancellation, Gate Change, etc…)

The number 1 place for you to search for this information is by looking at the flight details.  By comparing the time the messaging sent, to the data received you’ll be able to determine what information was received and the reporting data source.  The easiest way to find the triggering alert is by looking at the minutes from the message sent time.  This allows you to quickly scan for "XX:13" as an example vs. needing to perform the full time zone conversion. 

The message sent time is listed in Pacific time and will vary between a UTC offset of -8 or -7 depending on the time of year.  Simply add the 7 or 8 hours on the messaging time to calculate the UTC time. 

I suggest opening each page in separate tabs for easier navigating.

Below are the steps and links to the documentation on how to do this.

Finding the PNR:


Viewing the sent messaging:


Viewing the Flight History:

Looking up the data updates:

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