Why am I not getting emails or text messages for the flight alert I setup?

If the flight alert is for a flight today, click on the flight in the upcoming flights list. Make sure your email address and/or phone number (and wireless provider) is correct.

Once FlightStats has sent out an email or text message about the flight, the alert will show up on your history page. Click View History on the Flight Alerts console to see its history. Find the flight alert in question and click on it.

A detailed report of every message and or text message that FlightStats has sent for that flight will be displayed as well as delivery status. The delivery status will be delivered, if the message was correctly sent from FlightStats. If marked delivered, but you did not receive a message, then this usually implies a problem with your mail server, or just a general delay in delivery. In particular, some of the wireless providers can be really slow in delivering text messages.

If you see an automated Bounced message, then your email address is most likely incorrect.

If you see Marked as Spam, then your spam filter refused the email and you will need to make sure that your Spam Filter does not block emails from Flightstats.com.

For text messages, there are a couple other things to check.

* Did you accurately choose your telecommunications plan provider from the dropdown list? If yours is not listed and you choose a random provider, the message delivery will fail.
* Did you mistakenly choose your device manufacturer in the dropdown rather than your telecommunications plan provider?
* Some telecommunications providers are listed twice (for example, AT&T Wireless and AT&T MMS). This is because some devices have better performance with one or the other. If your provider is listed twice and you are having trouble with your current choice, try the other one.

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