What are the limitations to flight tracking?

We are able to track many flights globally. However, we have less than 100% coverage. Our apologies if we can't find your flight. Global flight tracking depends upon the cooperation of the airlines and the completeness and accuracy of the data they submit. We will continue our quest for complete and reliable flight location data until we are able to track all commercial flights.

A couple of important considerations regarding flight tracking limitations:

* Flight tracking is typically limited to flights for which we have a positional data source. Derived positions may be used in some cases when observed positions are not available.
* Flight tracking is only available for active flights. It is not available prior to departure or after a flight has already landed.
* Any aircraft owner or operator may request blocking of their aircraft’s identification number from any display of the FAA’s ASDI data that is made available to the public. Please see the ASDI Block Program FAQ on the FAA site: http://www.fly.faa.gov/ASDI/asdi.html
* Flight tracking may not available over large bodies of water unless it is close to land.

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