Why are you missing gate information? Why are some flight details not always available?

If we have complete data for a particular flight, you will see the following information on the Flight Status Details screen:

* Flight number, airline code and airline name
* Operating airline name (in the case of a codeshare flight)
* Current status (scheduled, en-route, landed, canceled, redirected, diverted)
* Delay information (on-time, delayed, unknown)
* Departure information (airport, scheduled time, estimated time, actual time, gate and terminal)
* Arrival information (airport, scheduled time, estimated time, actual time), (gate and terminal, if available)
* Baggage Claim information, if available (depends on carrier and/or airport)

Not all of the above listed information is available for all flights at all times. FlightStats obtains data from airlines, airline intermediaries (Global Distribution Systems), airports, government sources and other proprietary sources. Data availability, timeliness and quality vary by source. Other factors that may influence data quality include:

    * Geography - The location of the departure and arrival airports plays a role in data availability. For example, flight positional information is available in the US and Europe, but not in other geographies.
    * State of the Flight – The "state" of the flight (e.g. scheduled to depart in the future, currently en-route, canceled, diverted, landed, etc.) is an indicator as to what data can be expected to exist. Typically, status data first becomes available approximately 3 days in advance of the departure. As a flight transitions from scheduled status, to active (en-route) to landed (or canceled), various data sources report different pieces of information about the flight. For example, gate and terminal assignments are often not available until shortly before departure or arrival. Positional information is available only while a flight is "active" or en-route and not over a large body of water.

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