Why is my flight missing on FlightStats?

Several FlightStats features are designed for flights that have a published flight schedule (example: add a flight alert). We update our flight schedules daily. Airlines have business relationships with the major schedule providers. It is the responsibility of the airline to work with the schedule providers to make sure their flight schedules are up-to-date.

There are other possible reasons why we don't have a record matching this flight number including:

- The flight number or airline code is incorrect
- The flight number may have been changed by the airline
- The flight may not operate on the date requested
- The flight may actually be operated by another airline
- The flight may be a charter flight that isn't tracked in our system
- The flight may be a restricted segment that is not in the published flight schedules

Other tips:

Make sure your flight's departure is only a couple of days in the future. Our Flight Status tool does not provide status for flights weeks or months in advance, the status of those flights is simply Scheduled.

Are entering your flight into our tools properly? If your flight is, for example, AA1241, then enter AA into the Airline field and 1241 into the Flight field.

Remove any leading zeroes from the number of the flight. If your flight number is 0012, then enter 12.

If you still can't find your valid flight, then FlightStats has not been made aware of your flight in advance of its departure. Your flight may still show up when FlightStats sees it as part of its normal flight data processing activities.

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