Where is the Data Drop UI?

The Data Drop API provides access to large data exports or recurring reports. There are two query options: List and Download. The List end point will provide URLs to all files which are currently available. The Download end point allows you to download the file of your choice.

Our specialists will work with you to create and configure your FlightStats Developer Center account. During this process, we will provision your credentials for the Data Drop API. The appId is your account number. The appKey is the password you use along with your appId to authenticate requests. Each customer account typically has one appId but may have multiple appKeys.

To view your appId and appKey, please log in to the FlightStats Developer Center:

and visit this page:


Data Drop File Download

Data Drop UI (download a small test file):

Each URL provided from the List end point can be used to retrieve the actual file. You will need to append your appID and appKey to those URLs. Note that the 'format' path parameter is used to structure any error or response message from the API. The files themselves can be of any file type.

Data Drop Interactive Documentation (automate reoccurring production downloads):

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