Can you tell me more about the Airport Arrivals and Departures feature on

To use the FlightStats Airport Departures and Arrivals feature, login and select Departures and Arrivals from the Airports Menu.

Enter the airport and date you are interested in. The tool currently supports searches for today, tomorrow, and yesterday. If you need older flights, please use the Historical Flight Status feature.

If you are interested in seeing departures, click the departures button. Otherwise, select arrivals. When the application is done loading, you will see some high level metrics and a list of flights. The page defaults to the current time period at the airport as indicated by the statistics graph. The flights listed are for that particular time period. For larger airports, there is a More Results control above the listing that allows you see more results. Columns within the display are sortable and default to schedule gate departure time. To change the display simply click on the column header you want to sort by and the table will be automatically updated. Columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Airlines often market their partner airlines under their own flight numbers. These are called codeshares, and in the flight listings these relationships are called out by an “Operated By” line of text so you can tell who is really operating the flight. To show or hide codeshares, please use the toggle control above the Flight Listing table.

Above the Flight Listing is a graph that depicts how well the airport is performing throughout the day. To the right of the graph are some high level numbers that give a good idea of how many flights are delayed, cancelled or on-time. To see actual numbers instead of a percentage, simply click the actual flights toggle.

Which statistics are shown depends on the time period selected. To see the stats for a different time period, please left click and hold at the beginning of the time period you wish to select, drag to the end of that time period, and release. Alternately, you can click and drag to select an area of the graph.

You will see the stats and flights change to reflect the new time period. By highlighting the entire graph, you can see stats and flights for the whole day.

Another way to change the time period is by selecting the time period filter. Time period is only one way of filtering information. The available filters are where this application really shines. You can filter information in a combination of ways to see just what you are interested in seeing.

The airline filter allows you to pick one or more airlines to narrow the search to. Say you wanted to see only American Airlines flights. Simply pick American Airlines from the Airlines drop down. Everything on the page will update to reflect only American Airline flights.

To select multiple airlines, please pick another airline from the list. The live filters section above the dropdowns show you exactly which filters you have in place. To remove a filter, please click the X next to the filter you want to remove. To start over again, please click the Reset Filters button.

You can filter by destination, status, delay, equipment, terminal, gate (and for arrivals by baggage claim). Say you want to see all the cancelled flights for the day. Select Cancelled from the Status dropdown, and then select All day from the time period filter.

Plane spotters that are interested in capturing photos of a particular plane type can filter by equipment type. Say you want too see if a Dreamliner is coming in during the day. Simply pick 787 from the equipment drop-down and select all day. The flight listing is then filtered to just those flights.

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