How do I switch from an Evaluation plan to a Historical Status Monthly Plan?

This self-service plan provides access to the following APIs:

Historical Flight Status by Flight
Historical Flight Status by Airport
Historical Flight Status by Route

Regardless of which API you use, the cost is calculated on the number of Historical Flight Statuses returned. For example, if you request Historical Flight Statuses at London Heathrow on a given day, you may retrieve 300 Historical Statuses. However, if you use Historical Flight Status by Flight, you will only retrieve a single Historical Status.

This plan costs USD $100 per month for 1 to 1,000 Flight Statuses returned. For each additional Flight Status over 1,000, the charge is USD $0.10 per.

To add an Application to your account with this plan, log into the Developer Center, navigate to the Dashboard, and select "Create a new application". There are two Plans to choose from - "Commercial Plan - 3" or "Historical Status Monthly Plus Overage".

Note: You also will need to go to your Account and ensure that a valid Credit Card is on file before this new Application will be approved.

Here are some examples of how the cost is calculated:

Example 1: You sign up for this plan, but do not make any requests at all during the month. Result: No Charge. You can leave this application in place and not use it. You will not be charged unless you make at least one request.

Example 2: You sign up for this plan and make 1 or more requests resulting in less than 1,000 Historical Statuses returned. Result: $100

Example 3: You make multiple requests resulting in 3,567 Historical Flight Statuses returned. Result: $100 for the first 1,000 plus $256.70 overage for the additional 2,567 Historical Statuses returned. Total charge: $356.70.

Note that you can always check your usage in the Dashboard > Stats tool.

More pricing details:

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